Friday, March 13, 2009

March Madness

It happened. My parent's have officially sold their house, and we have to leave by April 1rst. I've been waiting to do this post until things were really final, so we've already found a place in Michigan that we're moving to at the end of the month. Ben has worked things out so that he has a week off to help us get out there. This will be move #6 in 5 years.......sigh. We're excited about the place that we found to move to though, and it will be nice to double the time that we're able to spend with Ben by cutting out his commute. For moving as much as we do, we really shouldn't have all of the crap we have. It gets old packing it up and then unpacking it, and then packing it up again. Oh well. It's short-term stress anyway. We'll have more updates as things unfold. Happy March Madness!