Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day out with Thomas and Happy Mother's Day!

So on Saturday Ben got the day off to take the kids to Greenfield Village to see Thomas the Train. Unfortunately, it was terrible weather - freezing cold with that bitter, cutting midwest wind and intermittnet spells of rain and hail. Ben tells me that the kids still had a great time, and the pictures would attest to that. It was WONDERFUL to have the kids away for a few hours while I got to do whatever I wanted around the house with only Eli to worry about. When they returned back home, Jacy ran up the stairs and blurted out, "We haf a present for you!" I wasn't really sure what she was talking about, so I played along and said, "Really? What did you get me?" To which she responded, "Cookie fowers!" Daxton let out a big sigh and reprimanded Jacy because she had just revealed the Mother's Day surprise that Ben had picked up on the way home from seeing Thomas that he had been instructing them not to tell me about the whole way home. Really, it was so cute to see how excited Jacy was about it, even if it was just because she wanted some of my cookies. I LOVE cookie bouquets in all their high-calorie, high-fat, sugar-overloaded, frosting glory. Anyway, thanks honey! It has been a wonderful Mother's Day weekend/day! Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!