Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully posting this many pictures makes up for not posting anything last week. Well, it's Christmas day, and the novelty of opening gifts and playing with toys all morning has already gone. It's funny, you look forward to it subconsciously all year, and consciously for at least a solid two weeks, and then it's over so fast. Now, everybody is taking an afternoon nap, then we'll have a quiet, relaxing evening, and then it's back to real life, like it or not. This Christmas was different for us because we didn't have any family around, it is just the four of us. And no offense to anybody, but it is quite a bit more relaxing, even though it isn't as exciting.
Everything is going well. Jen and Jacy are both healthy and strong. All the ladies around are mad at Jen for how skinny she already is. Jacy didn't pass the hearing test in her lest ear at the hospital when she was born, so we had to take her to a clinic for a more thorough test. She passed that with flying colors and it's good to know that everything is just fine. Dax doesn't seem to mind her too much, at least he hasn't inflicted any serious injuries yet. He does seem a little too intrigued with her eyes, that could get dangerous. He wouldn't sit on Santa's lap for anything, but he sure loved the cupcake he got for going. Well, at least he loved the frosting off the top of the cupcake, cause that's about all he ate. They had one of our "larger" managers in the Santa suit, I'm scared of him too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jacy Noel Johnson

Boy oh boy (or should I say "Girl oh girl"?) are we glad she didn't wait until Christmas eve to be born. Not only were we very ready for her to come, but she was ready too. She was born 8 lbs. 7.5 oz. (they rounded up to 8 on her birth certificate), so another couple of weeks and she might have been 10 lbs. plus! Jen started having contractions Friday night about midnight (so I guess I should say Sat morning [I'm using a lot of parentheses in this post]). She woke me up around 2 am, and we called our friends to come over to stay with Dax. When we got to the hospital around 3, she was having pretty strong contractions about every 3 - 5 minutes and was dilated to about a 5. The on call doctor was already there for another patient, so she came in to take a look, and we were very glad when she told us that Jen was progressing well and they were just going to keep us there. Then we were able to grab the anesthesiologist before he had to do a C-section, and got Jen's epidural all set up. After that we got about an hour and a half of sleep, before they came back to check her again. She was still progressing well, but they gave her pitocin to help speed things up. Didn't take much and Jen was having to really focus on not pushing so the baby would stay in until they were able to get the doctor there. When the doctor finally showed up, Jen only had to push for about 7 minutes, and Jacy was born at 08:35 EST. She was 19.5 inches tall, with a full head of dark hair. Jen's Mom flew in Saturday to stay with Dax, and has been a huge help. Both Jacy and Jen were doing so well, they let us leave the hospital on Sunday just after lunch. Now we are home and comfortable. Unfortunately, Jen isn't getting much more sleep, but that should improve. So, there's the story.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Flying Fortress

Dax and I went to see one of the only 13 airworthy B-17s left in the world. You can pay six dollars to tour the plane, or four hundred to take a flight in it. It is a beautiful plane, Dax really enjoyed it, we walked through it twice. You might notice the corner of a yellow sign next to him in the captain's chair. It said "Do Not Cross", but with Dax's face and smile, that kid gets whatever he wants. Is it weird that I took a picture of my son all happy and smiling next to some fake bombs that represent real one dropped during war to kill people? It made e remember Catch-22, good book. We had fun day together. It's nice to be working full time again and actually have two days off to do whatever I want.