Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, at least I got it done before Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of pictures from our Halloween festivities. We decorated sugar cookies with our neighbors. It's one of Jen's favorite things to do, and despite what she thinks, we all enjoyed it too, especially the fruits of our labors.

We also had our ward trunk-or-treat. As you can see, we didn't exactly go all out to decorate our trunk, but I should have taken some pictures of some of the other people's, pretty intense. Then on Halloween night Jen and her parents sat outside in lawn chairs in the nice clear 70 degree weather to hand out candy while Dax and I went door to door. I thought he was only going to last for our street, so we went down our side, then back up the other. When we got back to our house he went running and yelling to his Mom, "Ah candy, pumpkin!" And then came back to me saying "Ah more candy, pumpkin". So then we went around the rest of the block. He must have gotten his Mom's sweet tooth.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Dax

Dax turned two years old on October 11th. He had a wild party with balloons, signs, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and aunt Becca. Needless to say, the neighbors never had to tell us to keep it down. Daxton, I'm sorry your parents are too anti-social to invite any of your friends over. But your Mom did take you to Disney World and make you a sweet Lightning McQueen cake. And you got way too many cool presents. Now, don't start thinking that a mail box is a weird gift, it's really one of his favorite things. He gets mad every time we drive into our neighborhood and don't stop to get the mail. Happy Birthday Dax.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Wow, all you need is some water, and Dax is s happy kid. I know I already posted a video of him in the fountains at Disney World, but that was at Donald's boat, this is at Pooh's Playful Spot. It was really funny, he thought he had to stomp on the spout to get it to work, so he would just pound on it with his foot until the timer set it off, and then he would usually loose his balance as he started to get sprayed in the face, and he would just laugh and drink as much water as he could. Sorry, but I guess there is something wrong with those videos, because I can't get any of them to work (I took three, and none of them will work?). I couldn't publish the other video I took because the immodest 4 year old girl in nothing but her underwear came over to flirt with Dax, infuriating. Don't worry, we brought a change of clothes for him, this isn't why he got pneumonia. Speaking of which, here is a picture of his Albuterol breathing treatments. I took video footage with our camcorder, so the file is too big to post online, but it sure was funny to watch how high-per he got off that drug.