Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we did in June/July

A visit from Nana, some trips to Greenfield Village, Johnson Family Reunion, Benny's birthday, my first experience giving Ben a haircut, camping with the fireflies in the rain..........that's what we've been up to, among other things. Sorry for the blogging void. I'll be candid, life's been stressful. Ben's getting furloughed. He has officially been named as one of the pilots being furloughed, only with a date that is "to be determined," which almost makes it worse because there is no way to make a new plan for survival because there are too many unknowns. With our luck, we'll be making another cross country move within the next six months. Why ruin the trend, eh? Anyway, I'll humor the optimisitc people of the world and just say that we're going to enjoy the time that we have left here in Michigan and make the most of it. Really though, it's hard sometimes not to just ask God, "what's the point of this again?" Not that our life is so bad, because really it's not. It's just feeling the frustration of taking a few steps forward only to get pushed ten steps back, if that makes any sense. In the end, I am confident that it will all work out. It's just a stressful blip in the world of Ben and Jennifer Johnson. Enjoy the pics!