Thursday, May 17, 2007


If we aren't having twins, guess I'll by a cheaper second mode of transportation. Really, why not get a bike. Florida has 12 months of good biking weather, a newer model costs half as much as a crappy car, and 80 miles to the gallon, need I say more. Ya, of course there are some cons too. I had to take the car this morning because it's a little tuff carrying golf clubs on a bike. But other than that, it all seems good to me. Don't worry, I bought a helmet even before I bought the bike. And I only really use it to go the 3 miles between our house and the airport (and to run small errands on a nice evening). Plus, if you've seen Top Gun, how can I be a pilot and NOT have a bike? It's funny too, it just automatically adopts you into the cycling community. I had never noticed it before, but ALL other bikers wave (stick out their hand like a boyscout turn signal) as they pass on the other side of the street. I've got a guy just down the street that wants me to go "riding" on the weekends, people are funny. And yes, I feel pretty cool on the bike. It's a little 250cc Honda Rebel. It's a 2003 with 6300 miles on it and in great shape. And just so you don't feel that you've wasted all this time reading this boring info, here's a picture of Dax too, for good measure.


DC United said...

welcome to the biking community! It's embarrassing to admit, but I love the waving thing! It makes me feel like a true bad a**. Next step? Learn how to lift that front tire off the ground (just kidding Jenny...don't kill me!)