Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, at least I got it done before Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of pictures from our Halloween festivities. We decorated sugar cookies with our neighbors. It's one of Jen's favorite things to do, and despite what she thinks, we all enjoyed it too, especially the fruits of our labors.

We also had our ward trunk-or-treat. As you can see, we didn't exactly go all out to decorate our trunk, but I should have taken some pictures of some of the other people's, pretty intense. Then on Halloween night Jen and her parents sat outside in lawn chairs in the nice clear 70 degree weather to hand out candy while Dax and I went door to door. I thought he was only going to last for our street, so we went down our side, then back up the other. When we got back to our house he went running and yelling to his Mom, "Ah candy, pumpkin!" And then came back to me saying "Ah more candy, pumpkin". So then we went around the rest of the block. He must have gotten his Mom's sweet tooth.


Donna said...

Dax looks so cute!! I hope you guys are doing well, at least as well as can be expected since you don't have us around anymore!

Heather Harper said...

Cute costume! You don't even look pregnant Jen!