Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Flying Fortress

Dax and I went to see one of the only 13 airworthy B-17s left in the world. You can pay six dollars to tour the plane, or four hundred to take a flight in it. It is a beautiful plane, Dax really enjoyed it, we walked through it twice. You might notice the corner of a yellow sign next to him in the captain's chair. It said "Do Not Cross", but with Dax's face and smile, that kid gets whatever he wants. Is it weird that I took a picture of my son all happy and smiling next to some fake bombs that represent real one dropped during war to kill people? It made e remember Catch-22, good book. We had fun day together. It's nice to be working full time again and actually have two days off to do whatever I want.


tiffany & darren said...

I like the porn on the plane. It's nice. Where is the video of Dax? Oops, you fogot! Great pictures, Dax looks too cute.

Heather Harper said...

Fun! Dax is so cute, I'm jealous you guys are tan and still in shorts and a t-shirt. I miss Braden wearing flip flops.
It is snowing as we speak, or write I guess.
I heard Jen's having contractions, what's the latest???

Mindy said...

Omigosh! That is every little kid's dream. Looks fun. :)