Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vomit, Allergies, and Fire Trucks

Well, life has been a little crazy around here. Daxton has always been a "vomit king" since the day he was born. He is famous for his projectile spews, which occur spontaneously while eating meals at restaurants, after he gets any kind of an injury, or my favorite, everytime I try to leave him in nursery by himself. So, we've been dealing with this for a while, but lately it has increased in frequency to the point where he is throwing up after everything he eats. Soooo, the doctor and I felt that it was time to be a little more aggressive in finding out what exactly is going on with him. Our first step was a visit to the allergist. Ben was gracious enough to take Daxton to his appointment last Thursday so that I could stay home with Jacy and not have to deal with Dax's reaction when they poked his back 30 times with fluid-soaked needles to find out what he is allergic to. In the end, it didn't turn out to tell us much more than we already knew, but at least we know what it's NOT. He turned out to be pretty severely allergic to cashews, pistachios, cats, and dogs. Phew.....no pets for us! So, that rules out an allergy to milk, wheat, or eggs that we were guessing may have been the problem. After the testing was finished, Ben stopped by the fire station near our house to see if there was any chance of letting Daxton look at the trucks. They were extremely friendly and gave Dax and Ben a tour, and Dax got to sit in the truck, so I think his trauma at the allergist's office was soon forgotten. Anyway, on May 8th, we're going to the hospital for a "barium swallow" test, whatver that entails. I know Dax isn't going to like it, and neither am I. Hopefully though, it will tell us something that can help us to treat him, cause I sure hate vomit.


Allison said...

Poor little guy. I wish I had known you were going for an allergy test. There is a new test that uses a blood draw to test for all kinds of allergies. It's only one poke. Jenna did it when she was 2.
I hope you figure out what the problem is. That's just no fun.

jenny said...

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The Jensens said...

Oh, shoot! Poor kid. I guess I can't complain about my kids spit up and throw up issues. Because compared to you, I have no issues! I hope you get it figured out and get rid of the days of throw up!

joslyn said...

that stinks lola had a barium swallow at primary's when she was a baby. it is pretty fascinating
but not fun to watch.