Sunday, May 11, 2008

Family Fun Part II

Right after my brother and his wife left our place, we got another visit from my Mom, Dad, and two little sisters! We had a great time together all week long! And, lest you should start feeling too badly for us due to the expiration of our Disney passes, you will be glad to know that we are now Sea World annual passholders. So, we enjoyed a day at Sea World with the family! It was a lot of fun! Admittedly, the ocean happens to be on my top 3 greatest fear list, so really, Sea World is not even close to being as fun for me as Disney World is; however, Daxton really enjoyed it (especially the sharks), and Jacy even seemed to get into the shows a little bit. Becca really wanted to sit in the splash zone for the Shamu show, and we couldn't talk her out of it, so we ended up getting soaked by Shamu. The sad part was that little Jacy was fast asleep on Ben's chest when the first wave splashed over us, and it was a very rude awakening for her. Fortunately, she's such a party girl that as soon as she woke up enough to realize that she was in a fun place, she calmed right down and started checking everything out. That's the difference between her and her brother. Daxton was really angry after the splash, especially since his feet got wet, and he REALLY hates wet shoes/feet. He doesn't like parties at all, and he kept saying to us after he got wet, "I want to go home now." Funny how they come pre-programmed like that. Anyway, yay for Sea World!


tiffany & darren said...

Okay, now I am dying to come!! I think I will still try to come over Memorial Day, unfortunately Darren can't come with me. I hope that is still okay that I try to come using a pass. Looks like so much fun. I hope I can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!

JamieN said...

I seriously LOVE that you guys get season passes to different things while you're in FL. Talk about carpe diem.