Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun in Utah

Well, we're back from a two-week visit to Utah. Some of it was fun, and some of it really wasn't very fun at all. Just want to say thanks to everyone who helped to make it fun (especially you Dad!). Travelling with an infant is the worst idea I can think of, and travelling to Utah where my kids inevitably contract some illness or another also really stresses me out. Anyway, it was fun to meet up with friends, to meet our newest in-law/uncle, to scrounge up our winter attire that we haven't used in over a year since moving to Florida because it was FREEZING in Utah (IN JUNE) (not that I'm bitter) (okay, I really am bitter), and to play with cousins that we haven't seen in a long time. I should have taken more pictures, but I didn't. I'm not really good at that yet. As a followup to the last post, I guess you can see that Dax's lip is quite a bit better now. He still has some stitches that haven't dissolved yet that are hanging on his lip, and one of his two front teeth is turning a little grayish in color, and that concerns me, but I think eventually he'll be ready to take that picture that I was planning on taking right before he crashed into the window.
Well, so much for a trip to Utah! We're always sorry that we don't have time to meet up with everyone there who we would like to see, but then, I guess that's why blogging is so great! You can keep in touch with everyone at anytime! Here's to blogging........hip hip hooray!


Abi said...

You have such a cute family. I haven't seen you since Mindy's wedding. For a minute when I saw the sea world pics I thought you were in Cali--but not so. I was thinking we should hang out! Your kids are adorable. Take care!

Matt, Calli, & Dixon said...

Ahhhh, the stresses of traveling far distances with children....the best time ever, right?! Just kiddin! Wow, Jacy and your dad look so much alike! Too cute! I'm glad Dax's lip is healing! We will be making our way back to Nevada and Utah in about a week for the whole summer and can't wait! Hopefully it won't be as cold when we get there!

Mindy said...

What a bummer that the weather was so cold! and that your kids got sick! But come to Utah again, b/c I really want to see your cute little kids in person. Oh and you! :) Maybe we'll live close enough someday to really get to do that book club.