Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacy Bug!

Happy Birthday Jacy Bug! Today is Jacy's official birthday, and yesterday we had a really fun party for her. We had a ton of family from both sides there with some great food and a lot of cake! We've had so much going on in our little family lately, it has been hard to keep the blog as updated as I would like to. Right now, Ben is waiting to train in the simulator, which is backed up, so he is home until the 27th of December. We are LOVING LOVING LOVING having him around all to ourselves after going for almost a month without him. Plus, it couldn't be a more perfect time of year to have him around for all of the holiday stuff that's going on. So, we've been pretty happy lately. I can't believe that Jacy is a year. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not a big fan of the first year of life, and getting to the one year mark is a major milestone in my book, so it's as much a celebration for me of surviving the first year as it is a celebration of her birth. Anyway, I'm so greatful for the opportunity to share a mother/daughter relationship with Jacy in this life! I'm so glad that she was born! Happy Birthday Jacy!


Amy said...

Congrats on surviving the first year! I share similar feelings. She is so cute and I really can't believe she is already one. I loev her birthday cakes too. I still haven't taken my cake decorating class. Maybe you could just come teach me some tricks while you are in town!

And I am so glad Ben is home with you for so long. That has got to be the best Christmas present ever!

tiffany and darren said...

I miss her!!! I cannot believe how much she looks like Dax. When can we webcam so that I can officially tell her happy birthday? Sorry we didn't call yesterday, we have been busy with stupid car stuff. I can't wait to see you guys, but am totally bummed we will miss Ben. Darren's family is having a big dinner on the 28th because everyone will be together so we won't be in Salt Lake until the 29th. Boo! I can't wait to see you and your kiddies!!!!!!!!!

Luisa said...

Jen. . . I have been reading through your last few posts. (sigh) I am so sorry for all the crazy stress. Are you kidding me about your parents house?!?! You just got in and you have to leave!!? That is madness. Can't they just hold off the sale for a while? Moving is so hard on a young family. You WILL get through this pretty much cuz you have no choice!
On a brighter note I am so glad you around family and that Ben is with you more! And Jacy is 1!! I am so with you on the first year of life. Its all I can do to make it through esp with 2! My little ones are 9 months old and I can't wait for that milestone. I felt like things with Danny got so much better during that second year. Congrats on that and she is BEAUTIFUL!! You are a great mom :)

Jamie N said...

You deserve everything good that comes your way. Seriously. You're a saint. I'm so happy that you get to stay in your parent's place and I'm so happy to hear you get Ben around for the next few weeks. Heaven. I wish Mike just stayed home and hung out with Annie and I every day. I love having the husband around.

And a bit Happy Birthday to Jacy. Wow. I can't believe a year has already passed. It all goes by too quickly. She's darling!

Liz said...

my niece is so freaking cute i can't even stand it! i'm so very sad i wasn't at the party, i would MUCH rather have been there than right in the middle of my 18 and a half hour flight - thats about 17 hours too long to be on a plane. i still need to bring my present over for the bug. i need some jacy love!!