Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy it's a New Year!

My apologies for the premature Valentine motif. The truth is, when I'm pregnant, I like to pretend that time is moving faster than it really is, cause it keeps me sane, so right now I'm pretending like it's practically February already, and that April is right around the corner!

Well, we're back. We spent three weeks away from home enjoying time with family over the holidays. Ben and I were able to leave the kids with Nana while we flew with my family to Hawaii for a week, and I'd tell you all about it, but then I'd start to cry because it would remind me that it's below zero outside, and I still have a few months of freezing ahead. Sooo, I'll tell you all about how wonderful Hawaii was when it's warm, say in June, and then it won't be so hard to think about. After we returned from Hawaii, we spent a fun-filled week with Ben's family at the cabin in Midway. Fortunately, Santa found us there, and the kids came away with quite a spread, definitely more so than if we would have stayed in Michigan for Christmas! Our heartfelt thanks to both families for a wonderful Christmas this year!

Now that we're home, we're all too happy to see 2009 leave and 2010 begin. We are hoping for a better year this year with the promise of more stability on the horizon. So, here's to 2010!!!


Jamie N said...

I'm dying over your tiny little belly. We're about the same time along in our pregnancy, but let me tell you, I'm definitely twice your size. Ugh.

Love that you got to get-away to Hawaii. I think Hawaii translates to heaven on earth. I'll look forward to your Hawaii post in June!

Amy said...

I was so jealous when Celeste said you guys were in Hawaii! I am definitely with jamie on the heavenly aspect of it.

And you do have a cute little belly!

joslyn said...

so happy you have a baby on the way. congrats! hope 2010 is great for your cute family!

Maga said...

So glad to see your blog about your good vacation--thanks for coming to see us! Happy New Year in Hawaiian--Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

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