Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Detroit Auto Show

We took the kids downtown to the Detroit Auto Show. We got to take a ride in a fully electric Nissan Leaf, see lots of cool new cars (we spent most of our time looking at the mini-vans), and were bummed when they told us that the kids were too short to ride up in the Ford Cloud Experience. Jacy's favorite part was the Kia interactive dancing with the Soul Hamsters. The boys didn't get as into it. I just loved that she really dances like nobody is watching, even though there were hundreds of people all over the place.


Maga said...

Loved seeing the "Detroit Auto Show" but couldn't see Jacy dance.

Maga said...

Got to see Jacy dancing--what a jewel she is!!! It's hard for Kent not to have your kids close by. I'm lucky I have 20 blogs of grandchildren to watch!!! Do your blog whenever you can!!!!