Monday, July 30, 2007

Wish He Hadn't Learned This One

This is a picture of Dax on one of our trips to Disney World. He loves to play in those little fountains that shoot up streams of water. Next week I'll post a video that we took of him today where we just let him go and get totally wet.

Well, I guess when all you have around most of the day is your Mom, you pick up on some stuff that a proud father might want to keep under raps, too bad it's too funny to hide. I guess I should just come right out and reveal the truth, Dax has a whole bag of Jens old makeup stuff that he likes to play with while Jen is doing her makeup. Don't worry, I'll put a stop to it if he's still doing it by the time he's 19. I'm pretty sure this is the last video we have that is sideways, so sorry about the kinked neck you're sure to suffer, but it should be the last one you can blame on us.


DC United said...

Awesome! All I can say is..."A Boy Named Sue." Check it out.

Matt & Heidi Maxfield said...

That makeup obsession makes him so much like his daddy.