Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spinnin' Round

This was one of Dax's short lived dance moves, probably a good thing. One of the songs that came over the PA system at Disney World really got him going and he fell over flat on the asphalt, it was pretty dang funny. That's why I play the devil's advocate in this video, I wanted to re-enact that event.
Anyway, Dax had a great time in Utah hanging out with family, as did both Jen and I. We think it really was good for him to be around his cousins so much, he actually played in Nursery today, hopefully he will continue to become more social and more tuff! We thank everybody that took time out of their busy everyday lives to help make our stay more comfortable and fun. Thanks.
Here's a pic of Dax in a flotation swimsuit, it didn't work as well as his floaties, I think he just didn't like it as much because he didn't get as much of a tan.


DC United said...

That's two moves in his repetoire...rollin' the dice and the spin cycle! That kid's destined to be on So You Think You Can Dance! It was good to see you guys for a few days...I'm going to look into when I can come out with London. Hopefully it will be before the end of the year. I'll let you know...hasta!

Matt & Heidi Maxfield said...

too cute!! looks like "the sidwell" move.