Saturday, February 23, 2008

Father Son Campout

Ben and Daxton went on their first Father/Son campout last night. Ben said that Daxton was having a great time up until he touched the lantern and burned the tip of his index finger. He has a pretty good-sized blister on it now. Poor kid. They stayed the night in their little tent though, and Daxton was quite proud.


Matt, Calli, & Dixon said...

Hey Jenny! I am so glad that you have a blog! Aren't they the best! Your kids are so adorable! We really need to get together someday and I am so sure Dax and Dix would have tons of fun together!

Dave and Chris Clark said...

Hi Jen and Ben. I'm really getting into the blog browsing thing. I love the pictures and the videos - Hungry Hippos looks fun. Jacy is getting big and cute! Love you guys - Dad

Donna said...

I told Cody he should take Corbett on a father/sons outing and he said they don't have those in the Winter here. Go figure! Hope all is well!