Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Father/Son Campout Part II

It has been a great weekend (Ben's days off currently are Monday and Tuesday) for us! After the ward Father/Son campout, Ben had "camping fever," and he couldn't put the tent away without sleeping in it once more in our backyard. This is one reason I am really grateful he now has a son to share his outdoor passions with. When we lived in Logan, Ben was always trying to get me to sleep in his tent in the backyard with him. I don't mind sleeping in a tent if I'm camping and don't have an alternative, but when I know my comfy bed is only a few yards away from me, it just takes the fun right out of the whole experience. Sooo, it was great to let Dax and Ben sleep outside in the tent while Jacy and I shared the bed together on the inside! Ben set up the portable DVD player so that it was suspended from the top of the tent and they watched "Finding Nemo" together on their backs. I'm so glad they have eachother! :)


Donna said...

that's so funny, I forgot about Ben wanting you to camp in your yard all the time. I'm glad they had a good time at their father/sons.


Hey, we have been wondering how things are going for you guys. Looks like all is going well for you and your family; camping with Dax, playing with the kids, and teaching them swear words. Keep in touch.