Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Jacy's starting to smile and coo. It's fun to watch them change from being a vegetable all day to becoming a person. The picture is from our first Sunday going to church at the one o'clock block. We came home frustrated because Dax was even more fun than usual since we're now at his least favorite place right during his nap time. We started making some food and Dax went to playing the piano. After a couple of minutes the lovely music stopped, so we walked into the family room to see what he was doing and this is what we saw.


Donna said...

hooray!! an update!

Heather Harper said...

Don't you love it when that happens. Ashton did the same thing the other day; he screamed when I layed him down for a nap so I thought, "okay, stay up a little longer." I layed him on the floor to play, 5 minutes later it was dead quiet, I worried, and then found him asleep on the floor. :)
PS: No hard feelings about not meeting up with us while you were in UT. Glad you had time to relax.