Saturday, March 1, 2008

Helicopter Boys

Well, this year for Christmas, Ben bought himself a remote controlled helicopter. It is what he wanted most, and since he had been a relatively good boy, I let him buy it for himself! He got it out to play with it the other night, and Daxton took a turn. I thought it was funny enough to catch it on video. My favorite part is when he asks me if I'm "ready," and what he was really wanting was for ME to ask HIM if he was ready. What a silly kid! He's a lot of fun!



Heather Harper said...

Jared got the same helicopter for Christmas, and both Braden and Ashton LOVE watching him fly it. Since Christmas, Jared has bought a bigger, more real remote helicopter that Braden can't play with. So, the little one is now the toy and Braden loves to have it chase him, he tries to knock it down, it's fun!
Braden and Daxton would be such good buds if we were still neighbors, :(

DC United said...

hehe...the look of terror on his face when it was flying right at him? Classic! He is that kid!