Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Playing with Jacy

Ben took this video this morning of Dax and Jacy "playing together." So far, Daxton has yet to do anything really malicious to Jacy other than poking her eyeballs, but you can tell from the video if you listen closely that it's definitely on his mind to see what would happen if he tries something mean. He says the words, "Daxton, hurt, Jacy, elephant, eyes." I think we can all pretty much figure out what he's getting at....."I'm going to hurt Jacy by putting the elephant in her eyeballs." Aren't older siblings the BEST?!


Annie said...

I'm impressed that Dax has never done anything harmful to his sister yet. I don't know how many time-outs Avie has had for her harmful acts! I'm hoping we're on our way out of that phase - but it's not looking too promising at this point.