Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Makin' Red Cupcakes

On Sunday Daxton started to take a turn for the worse, and his little nose started running, and he started in with a fever, so we opted to skip out on church (I wasn't sad about that), and we stayed home and made cupcakes together. Daxton LOVES to help me make cupcakes, and ever since a few months ago when Ben and I ate out at a place that served red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert, I've been craving them bad. Sooo, I found a mix in the store for red velvet cupcakes, and Daxton was really excited to help me make "red cupcakes." They were yummy! I'd say his favorite part is to help me crack the eggs. Unfortunately, his way of cracking eggs is to let me crack the shell, and then before I can get it away from him, he crushes the shell in his little hand, and then drops it into the batter. I'm trying to teach him how to crack an egg the right way, but his way is just so much more fun, I don't know that he'll ever get it.