Friday, June 8, 2007

Disney World Aftermath

You know, computers and technology end up takingas much time as they claim to help save. I spent a few hours tryingtofigure out how to rotate an AVI video file. I surfed the web. I downloaded software and followed instructions. Nothing.So, I'm sorry if you get a kink in your neck trying to watch this video, but I hope it is worth it. The video isn't actually all that great, it's pretty load because we are in the car, and kind of boring, but that is the point. Dax is usually all about showing off for the camera, but he justcan't find the energy after a day at Disney World. After viewing the video, take a look at the picture, it was taken about 30 seconds after Jen stopped filming, poor tike.


DC United said...

I'm seriously jealous that you guys get to go to Disneyworld anytime that you want! And for some reason, taking naps in a car seat like that always seems so relaxing! Did you hear that they opened up a Finding Nemo ride in Disneyland that replaced the old submarine's supposed to be super cool!

Bennifer said...

Ya, it's pretty sweet. The Nemo ride is one of Dax's favorites. It's pretty mellow but still really cool.