Saturday, June 16, 2007

On the way to Disney World

In contrast to last weeks posting, I figured I would show what Dax is like on the way to Disney World. Don't get too excited by the video appearing to be upright, it doesn't last, but don't worry, Jen now knows not to hold the camera that way. And just in case you are curious, the song in the background is: "Brand New Key" by Melanie, great little tune, you can tell that Dax likes it. The picture is of us on the Carousel at the Magic Kingdom.


DC United said...

That was a SUPER upbeat the end of the video I was kicking my feet and bouncing in my chair, too! I wish I could go back to bein' a kid just for a little while when all I had to worry about was when I was going to get fed, if I was going to Disneyworld that day and what music I wanted to listen to. What a need to get #2 here quick so that he'll have someone to beat him up. ;)