Monday, June 25, 2007

Big Phish

I interrupt my normal weekend posting for this important announcement: Dax is certifiably a water-baby. We've tried a few things to help him stay afloat, but he took to the arm floaties better than anything. I can now officially throw him in the water and know that he'll be OK. Of course that's not what I do every time, I don't have to, he runs to go down the steps faster than I can get the gate closed behind us. But sometimes he still needs encouragement, as you'll see in the video.


DC United said...

That's awesome! I'm not sure technically what stroke that is but it's pretty sweet. You've gotta get Dax to teach London how to swim now...she won't let go of me for more than a millisecond without panicking.

Matt & Heidi Maxfield said...

He is too cute you guys! Oh, and congrats on Baby #2....we can't keep up!