Friday, June 22, 2007

Courtesy Laugh

Nothing really new or exciting going on around here. We were a little bummed that NASA decided to land the space shuttle in CA, because we hear that the two sonic booms it makes as it re-enters the atmosphere sound like shotgun blasts in your living room. Maybe we'll get that pleasant treat next time. This video is of Dax when he figured out how to fake laugh, he only really did it that one day, I haven't seen him do it since, maye he saw this video and realized how ugly he looks when he does it. The picture, where he is again looking very attractive, is climbing a fence at the Epcot Center.


DC United said...

That's a good social skill to acquire young. He will fit in at all the parties he attends and everyone will want to keep him around to laugh at their inane jokes. That's good parenting right there! Boy howdy!