Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Evening at the Beach

We ventured out to New Smyrna Beach last night for a few hours of fun. It was Jacy's first experience at the beach, and let me assure you, she consumed AT LEAST a fourth-cup of sand. She really enjoyed the whole experience, which is yet another difference between her and her older brother. On Daxton's first trip to the beach, he liked the water until it hit him in the face and got in his eyes and mouth, and he liked the sand until it got into his mouth and he realized he couldn't shake it off his hands, and then it was over. He was done. Jacy, on the other hand, loved the water and took a hit or two in the face....didn't phase her. She LOVED the sand and got it EVERYWHERE and didn't seem to mind in the least. It blows me away how different two kids from the same parents can be. Anyway, we had a great time at the beach!


Luisa said...

hey your kids are so so cute!! i can't believe how big they are! I love that Jacy loved the beach. I hope my babes will be like that. Danny loves the sand, but is afraid of the water (similar to how you feel, he is always asking if there are sharks out there. i don't know where he gets this.) The twins don't like the intense sun and wind hopefully they will enjoy it sometime soon. How much longer do you guys have there are you planning on going back to Utah?

Amy said...

Such cute pictures. Why will kids eat sand and dirt and then not veggies? Love the heads poking out of the sand too!

Mindy said...

I love how you LET Jacy have fun... who cares if they eat sand anyway, right? It might just aid digestion. :) We went to the beach with my sister once, and she kept her little boy in the stroller the whole trip so he wouldn't eat any sand. I thought it was kind of sad really. Anyway, I wish we were at the beach with you. I have to say... I LOVE the ocean.