Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun with Dootie

Well, we had a wonderfully unexpected, spontaneous visit from my sister Becca last week! On a whim, since we will probably be losing our flight benefits soon, she decided to fly out on a buddy pass because the routes going to and from Salt Lake to Orlando were WIDE open last week. Anyway, she came out on Tuesday and stayed until Sunday, and she got FIRST CLASS seats both ways!!!! It's amazing when buddy passes work out like that, and believe me, it doesn't happen often! So we had a great time visiting, and on Saturday, inspiried by the many Jensen posts of the girls all having fun together, Ben offered to tend the kids while my sister and I spent the day shopping, eating, and talking. It was so much fun! Thanks Jensens for the inspiration! Becca, aka "Dootie," we miss you around here!


The Jensens said...

I am glad you got to enjoy a girls day shopping. It looks like you did good work at the stores! And very fun that you got to spend so much time with your sister!

Jill said...

It looks like you did very well in the shopping department! Don't you just love girl days like that? I don't have kids, but I can imagine it was nice to get a break and get some good shopping in!

Mindy said...

Becca is beautiful! How fun that she got to come out and visit you. I visited my little sister in Detroit last month, and I have to say it is fun to be the guest of honor like that. Speaking from the selfish aunt/sister point of view, of course. haha. :)