Friday, September 12, 2008

It's too hot!

I was looking at the forecast for Sandy, UT today, and it made me totally jealous. Sunny, 74 degrees......perfect! It's too hot here. I sent the kids outside in the backyard to play with water for awhile. I stayed out for a few minutes, but it's so hot and humid, I didn't last long. This is the worst time of year in Florida (similar to the months of February, March, and April in Utah) where the hot weather just drags on and on, and I'd give anything for a cooler day. Makes me feel sorry for Ben flying the little planes around with no air conditioning in the heat. Yuck! Sorry honey. Daxton has said to me three different times today, "I want to go get on the big airplane and go out to Utah." I told him that we might be able to go sometime soon and then he said, "We just have to get the big school bus to come and take us to the airport, okay Mom?" Kids are so clever! I guess he's sick of the heat too!


Mindy said...

That is pretty dang cute. i think you should ride the big bus to the big plane and come home to Utah, too. :)